Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Dallas Area UFO Sightings

On November of 1990 there have been reports of UFO's in the Dallas Forth Worth, metroplex area. The sightings were even reported on WFAA radio.

The first sighting was on November 12, 1990 at 10:40 pm and was seen by several people. They had described the object as round with red and blue lights. The object was stationary for several minutes. The object was in the south east area. As referenced from the downtown Dallas area.

On November 14, 1990 at 2:30 am, there were again reports of a UFO in the Dallas area. This would be just east of Dallas. This was also reported to the radio station WFAA. One caller stated that he had watched the object through his 8x power rifle scope. The caller stated, "that the object had travelled very slowly and that it had a delta wing shape appearance."


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